What is the Difference Between a Bookkeeper and a Controller?

The needs of your accounting department are typically dependent on the size of your company. The larger your business is, the more professionals you will need to handle your finances. As your organization grows, the need for both a bookkeeper and a controller may arise to address the daily accounting functions and financial planning. Both… Read More »

Accounts Payable Interview Questions You Should Be Asking

Accounts payable clerks are accountable for compiling and maintaining accounts payable records in all types of industries. This role typically requires a BS degree or experience in finance, accounting, or business administration. Proficiency with proprietary software and spreadsheets are necessary technical skills. When interviewing a candidate for an accounts payable position, you must ask a… Read More »

How to Host Your Virtual Job Fair

As many people are staying inside their homes due to COVID-19, employers are turning to virtual job fairs to recruit talent. These online events that take place at a particular time on a specific channel work much like a webinar. You can meet with job candidates in chat rooms, teleconferencing, webcasts, and email exchanges regarding… Read More »

Importance of Employer Branding

We are living in uncertain times. As an employer, you are probably considering how to manage your post-COVID branding. With swings in candidate behavior, media consumption, and the use of social media platforms, it is time to consider how your company will relate to your users in the post-COVID business environment. The importance of employer… Read More »

Your Social Responsibility as an Employer

Most employees expect to work somewhere that values them as people and gives back to the community. As an employer, you have an obligation to take care of your employees and your community. Here are some excellent ways to provide helpful incentives to your team while doing what you can for your community.    Take Care… Read More »

Soft Skills Questions to Ask Your Candidates

When it comes to screening job candidates for skill sets, some are easier to judge than others. Of course, a writing sample can give you an indication of a candidate’s communication skills, and problematic questions can help you gauge a candidate’s ability to think on their feet. But how do you assess soft skills? How… Read More »

Identifying Top Performers to Grow Your Team

When growing your team for success, it is crucial to find staff members who are dedicated to their jobs and focused on the success of your company. They take the initiative, and they continuously strive to do better. These current and potential employees can lead teams and work well on their own. They inspire others… Read More »

Working with FlexTek

FlexTek is a professional staffing agency that offers contract staffing services, contract-to-hire, and direct hire recruiting services. FlexTek’s areas of expertise include operations, accounting & finance, and information technology. The recruiters at FlexTek approach each job search with your goals in mind, responding quickly to your requests, and they can save you time and money filling your positions efficiently.  Improving… Read More »

Managing Introverts and Extroverts

Managing both introverts and extroverts can be quite a challenge. In any workplace, you will undoubtedly find yourself managing both personality types. So, how do you manage these employees with vastly different work preferences? How do you draw out an introvert while getting an extrovert to listen? Is there a best management style for managing… Read More »

Why Qualified Candidates Don’t Apply to Your Job Listing

Most hiring managers will give you two reasons why they have trouble filling positions. It may be that they are getting too few applications for a specific job, or they are receiving many from unqualified candidates. Either way, the right candidate did not see the post and apply for it. Considering that competition for qualified candidates is… Read More »