Soft Skills Questions to Ask Your Candidates

When it comes to screening job candidates for skill sets, some are easier to judge than others. Of course, a writing sample can give you an indication of a candidate’s communication skills, and problematic questions can help you gauge a candidate’s ability to think on their feet. But how do you assess soft skills? How… Read More »

Software Engineer, Defining the Role

As you read this webpage or use any internet-powered application, you can thank a software engineer, because you are engaging with the result of their work. These computer science professionals use their knowledge of engineering and programming languages to build software products, develop computer games, and run network control systems. Software engineers use computer science… Read More »

Identifying Top Performers to Grow Your Team

When growing your team for success, it is crucial to find staff members who are dedicated to their jobs and focused on the success of your company. They take the initiative, and they continuously strive to do better. These current and potential employees can lead teams and work well on their own. They inspire others… Read More »

Job Searching While Still Gainfully Employed

Many career experts believe that currently employed job candidates are more desirable than those who are not currently working. If you are job seeking and presently employed, this is welcome news. However, how can you conduct an effective job search without drawing suspicion from your current employer? Here is how to search and interview for… Read More »

Working with FlexTek

FlexTek is a professional staffing agency that offers contract staffing services, contract-to-hire, and direct hire recruiting services. FlexTek’s areas of expertise include operations, accounting & finance, and information technology. The recruiters at FlexTek approach each job search with your goals in mind, responding quickly to your requests, and they can save you time and money filling your positions efficiently.  Improving… Read More »

Age Discrimination and Your Resume

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) prohibits age discrimination against people who are age 40 or older. However, age discrimination still exists in many places, including resumes. The fact is, resume styles have evolved, especially over the last decade. A resume written in a format from 2001 will most likely end up at the bottom of a… Read More »

Managing Introverts and Extroverts

Managing both introverts and extroverts can be quite a challenge. In any workplace, you will undoubtedly find yourself managing both personality types. So, how do you manage these employees with vastly different work preferences? How do you draw out an introvert while getting an extrovert to listen? Is there a best management style for managing… Read More »

Entry Level Job Mistakes to Avoid

If you are an entry-level job hunter, you know that looking for a job can be an intimidating experience with many potential pitfalls. Check out these tips to avoid common mistakes that entry-level job seekers typically find themselves making.   Failing to Prepare for the Interview  Not seriously approaching a job interview is a crucial mistake for any job… Read More »

Why Qualified Candidates Don’t Apply to Your Job Listing

Most hiring managers will give you two reasons why they have trouble filling positions. It may be that they are getting too few applications for a specific job, or they are receiving many from unqualified candidates. Either way, the right candidate did not see the post and apply for it. Considering that competition for qualified candidates is… Read More »

Why is Personal Branding so Important?

Building a personal brand is now more essential than ever before. The truth is that your brand exists whether or not you create it for yourself. By taking control of your brand, you put yourself in the driver’s seat, control the narrative, and show audiences what you want them to see. You are cultivating aspects… Read More »