Choosing the Right Candidate

As a hiring manager, it is not easy to decide on who to hire. Who is the most serious? Who will do the best job or be the best cultural fit? Your gut instinct can be a practical tool but using a few helpful tips might be even better. It is imperative that you make certain a candidate will fit… Read More »

These Great Opportunities are Calling Your Name!

Are you having trouble securing a job that aligns with your professional goals? Finding the right job with the right company may seem like an insurmountable task. It would help if you had a partner. It would help if you had someone in the business that knows what you care about, what you are seeking and can help you… Read More »

How to Prepare for the Second Wave of COVID-19

The coronavirus is still with us, and many health experts believe the second wave of COVID-19 may be on the horizon. Is your company ready? Here are some tips to help your organization prepare itself for the second wave of COVID-19.   Know Your Organizational Risks   Similar to how your organization conducted a risk assessment for reopening… Read More »

Work-Life Balance With Children at Home

The COVID-19 pandemic is pressing many people to work from home. If you are working from your home and have children, you probably understand the challenges involved in managing your job and your children at home at the same time. Here are a few tips for maintaining work-life balance while your children are at home.  … Read More »

Importance of Employer Branding

We are living in uncertain times. As an employer, you are probably considering how to manage your post-COVID branding. With swings in candidate behavior, media consumption, and the use of social media platforms, it is time to consider how your company will relate to your users in the post-COVID business environment. The importance of employer… Read More »

Staying Productive When Working From Home

Waking up in the morning and starting work instead of battling traffic in a hectic daily commute is a beautiful experience. However, working from home does have potential problems. There are distractions within your home, and the temptation to stay in bed or watch television is strong! You can stay productive while laboring from home,… Read More »

Your Social Responsibility as an Employer

Most employees expect to work somewhere that values them as people and gives back to the community. As an employer, you have an obligation to take care of your employees and your community. Here are some excellent ways to provide helpful incentives to your team while doing what you can for your community.    Take Care… Read More »

Fashion Forward, Things to Keep in Mind

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting everyone. You may have found yourself toiling at home in sweats, shorts, t-shirts, and even pajamas. However, it is time to return to the office. As we ease back into our regular work routine, it is time to shed the athleisure attire that is the standard uniform for remote work.… Read More »

Best Practices for Getting Back to Work

As employees return to work following COVID-19 isolation, your company must be ready for the challenge. Employee safety, proper hygiene, and employee health considerations should be your top priorities. Here are a few best practices to get your employees back to work.   Create a Safe Work Environment   Health and safety must take precedence when bringing… Read More »

Soft Skills Questions to Ask Your Candidates

When it comes to screening job candidates for skill sets, some are easier to judge than others. Of course, a writing sample can give you an indication of a candidate’s communication skills, and problematic questions can help you gauge a candidate’s ability to think on their feet. But how do you assess soft skills? How… Read More »