Losing Motivation in the New Year? Here’s Some Tips To Stay Productive Year-Round

It’s the new year, you are excited and it’s a blank slate to form new goals, new habits and completing resolutions. Did you know 80% of people don’t achieve their New Year’s resolutions and lose motivation by February?

When cultivating lasting change, motivation needs to be approached like a marathon, not a sprint.  Here are a few ways to keep the momentum going.

Start Small

A reason that we are not productive year-round is because our goals and resolutions are too big- you quickly feel overwhelmed and give up. The key is to break down a realistic goal to smaller pieces to achieve them on a quicker timeline. When you see progress, you’ll likely stay on track.


Find a friend! Accountability and shame of failure helps stay on task, so you have updates every time your accountability buddy asks. If you feel unmotivated, reach out and have them push you to complete the next task.


To stay productive there must be a work-life balance, It is important to have flexibility to spend with loved ones. It also allows for some down time to come back fresh and motivated.

Find A Job That Fits Your Way Of Life

FlexTek Resources can help keep you motivated year-round with a new job. The professionals at FlexTek can help you find the right job to align with your new career goals.

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