Manage Your Team’s Productivity During the Holiday Season

It is an unfortunate fact that productivity suffers during the holiday season. You must have reasonable expectations while still demanding high-quality output from your employees. You cannot work your team into the ground and ignore their social obligations during this time. However, you can take action to ensure your bottom line remains intact throughout the holiday season.   

Offer Flexible Hours  

Throughout the holiday season, it may be challenging for your employees to make it into work at the same time each day. Functions with the children and family responsibilities tend to get in the way this time of the year. If possible, consider offering your employees the chance to alter their work hours. Flexible scheduling does not give team members free rein to come and go as they please. It requires communication and planning. Consider using shared calendars to keep everyone on the same page.   

Do Not Demand Overtime Work  

Employees often view overtime work during the holidays as a form of punishment, and it usually affects the quality of work they produce. Plan so that you can leave time to finish major projects. Understand that you will encounter staff vacations and slow responses from clients during this time of the year when you develop your strategy. Sometimes, there is no getting around overtime work. If possible, offer overtime work to benefit those who want to make extra money rather than an obligation for all employees. Do not overlook thanking all your employees for their service.   

Prohibit Online Shopping During Work Hours  

Browsing online during business hours is all too common. Online holiday shopping by your employees during business hours can be detrimental to the productivity of your company. You must remind your employees of policies regarding doing personal activities during business hours. Be an example and avoid doing your shopping during business hours.   

Accept Holiday Banter  

Avoid becoming Ebenezer Scrooge to your employees this holiday season. Be realistic and accept that your employees will have fun and be more laid back this time of the year. You too, should join the holiday banter. Just be mindful of everyone’s time and not waste meetings talking about things that are not on the agenda.   

Hold Team Meetings  

Even during the holidays, your employees must know that you are serious about keeping productivity going. Although no one likes meetings, it is crucial to keep everyone on the same page. A short, weekly meeting can set up the week for productivity and keep everyone going during the holiday season.  

Partner With a Staffing Agency in Houston 

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