Equality and Fairness in the Workplace

If you are like countless persons, you might think that Equality and fairness are the same things. However, you might be wrong. With Equality, everyone receives the same measure, quantity, amount, or number as another. Equality is being the same in quantity, value, or status. It balances social, economic, and political standing among individuals despite differences in race, religion, sex, class, and culture. Equality provides every individual with the same opportunities to improve their lives without expecting the results to be equal. Equality provides equal compensation and benefits to workers with the same job.   

Fairness is an equitable disposition. Equity expands on Equality by distributing resources based on the needs of individual recipients. Equity is the characteristic of being fair to everyone and treating all people without discrimination or partiality while providing the resources they need to access the same opportunities. No one is equal, so it is vital to provide equal and fair opportunities based on individual needs.   

Equity in the Workplace  

Issues of gender, race, sexual orientation, language, and disability require you to be aware of equity when creating company policies and workflows. Gender-neutral restrooms, diverse interview panels, accessible workspaces, and the elimination of discriminatory handbook language requires effort on your part. However, the results of creating equal access and opportunities for all is worthwhile.   

Equity in Action  

If your organization is already taking steps and hosting diversity and inclusion training, this is a great start. However, there are more specific employer initiatives that you can take. Consider creating high-level diversity and inclusion initiatives and have an action plan to achieve them. Let your employees connect and share their experiences. Ensure that your company benefits are equitable and include a salary range on all public job postings. Make accommodations for employees with disabilities, language barriers, or mental health needs. Ensure that your management team is diverse in gender and race, and train them on unbiased candidate evaluations.   

The Advantages of Workplace Equality  

All your employees will reap numerous rewards working in an equal-opportunity office. Your workplace environment will have high employee morale and a good reputation. It will have the ability to recruit top talent. Equality in the workplace will positively motivate your employees to contribute to your company. Equality is in sharp contrast to discriminatory hiring practices, which tend to discourage and unmotivate employees. If your organization values equity, you will attract more employees. Your organization will retain employees longer while employing a more diverse workforce. If you apply equitable practices, you can expect a healthy future for your company.   

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