Identifying Top Performers to Grow Your Team

When growing your team for success, it is crucial to find staff members who are dedicated to their jobs and focused on the success of your company. They take the initiative, and they continuously strive to do better. These current and potential employees can lead teams and work well on their own. They inspire others by raising the bar and setting new standards of behavior and productivity. These top performers are a tremendous asset to your company. Knowing the characteristics of top performers is crucial when observing a current employee or interviewing a prospective candidate. Here are a few strengths of high performers: 

  • Dedication 
  • The ability to take initiative 
  • A desire to grow 
  • Excellent communication skills 
  • Not afraid of failure 

A History of Accomplishments 

A history of accomplishment is a good indicator of future success. Top performers know what success is, and they know what it takes to be successful. They are willing to do the hard work and make the sacrifices that success requires. Pay close attention to how they articulate their role in the success of projects. Look for keywords such as led, directed, and influenced.  

Current Successful Habits 

Is your prospective team member participating in activities in your company that will make them successful? Do they get plenty of sleep and start the day early? Do they read and stay current on events? Are they risk-takers who are not afraid to fail and keep trying if they do fail? Successful people are purpose-oriented and confident in their abilities. Identifying these top performers will significantly benefit your organization.  

An Attitude for Success 

Success in any endeavor demands effort, dedication, and a willingness to work hard. Look for people with real passion, not just someone going through the motions. Look for indicators showing that a person has a real passion for their job, the company, even the industry. Teams must be engaged if customers are going to do business with us.  

Cultural Fit 

When creating your team, look for performers who can be successful within the culture of your company. High performers are the ones that improve your company culture. They work hard to motivate others while enacting changes they wish to see within the organization. They have an interest in helping new hires become successful within your company.  

Keeping Top Performers 

When you identify top performers to build your team, it is vital that you can keep them. These highly motivated individuals will seek other opportunities. Here are some ways to keep them on your side: 

  • Give them plenty of autonomy 
  • Challenge them with difficult tasks 
  • Clearly articulate your expectations 
  • Give them reasons to trust you 
  • Avoid putting them on a pedestal 
  • Give them everything they need to perform the tasks 
  • Provide mentorship opportunities 
  • Reward them for their hard work 

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